Vintage Paul Brett 'Statesboro' 12 String Electro + Hard Case. Fishman 'Rare Earth' Humbucker

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Sold by ourselves originally in 2019, we now present this beautiful 12 string in excellent second hand condition.
Well set up with virtually no marks, certainly no serious dings or knocks. The guitar has been played and loved and the set up is very playable.
The Fishman pick up is wonderfully natural and provides a huge voice to the guitar.
It comes with its original Kinsman hard case, again virtually unmarked.
A lovely quality guitar with many years of music left in it.

Full Description

Stunning Mixture of Tonewoods
The Vintage Paul Brett Statesboro 12-String features a solid spruce top that yields a crisp and articulate tone with a broad dynamic range, providing the player with a sonically-versatile soundboard. Its solid spruce top also offers a sparkling high response and a tight, clear attack, perfect for pronounced players. In addition, the Vintage Statesboro also features a maple back with mahogany sides, offering a unique construction with stunning tonal qualities. Its maple back adds a bright attack with long-lasting, ringing sustain and plenty of bite, whilst its mahogany sides produce a rich, full sound with plenty of resonance and emphasis to bass and treble tones. With its unique tonewood combination and incredible attention to sonic-details, Vintage and Paul Brett are able to provide the player with an instrument made to sound like the big blues machines of the 1930s era.

Parlour Body
Vintage have given the Paul Brett 12-String a classic and authentic-looking parlour body, providing a comfortable playing experience throughout both seated and standing performances due to its compact size and nipped in waist. In addition, the tone produced is resonant and projects an acoustic volume that belies its compact size. The Vintage Paul Brett Statesboro can be gently played and still delivers plenty of overtones and harmonic content, offering incredible dynamics. When strummed harder, the overall sound really opens up, providing the player with an incredibly resonant tone and lots of sonically-pleasing ringing sustain. Furthermore, the Paul Brett Statesboro 12-String is ideal for the more traditional blues picker, but is also well-suited to roots music and other more alternative playing styles.

Fishman Rare Earth Humbucker
Equipped with the quality Fishman Rare Earth Humbucker soundhole mounted pickup system, the Vintage Paul Brett Statesboro becomes ideal for stage and studio use. In addition, due to the pickup being fitted with cutting-edge neodymium magnets, the pickup is able to project a warmer, more natural-sounding amplified tone. Furthermore, this incredibly accurate pickup has been re-voiced and fine-tuned to ensure a smoother treble response, exceptional string balance and sparkling clarity. With this, the Vintage Statesboro 12-string is perfect for the gigging and recording musician that craves a full, warm, humbucking sound. Simply plug-in and play straight out of the box.

Mahogany Neck & Lignum Rosa Fingerboard
Constructed from mahogany, the Statesboro's neck absorbs more string vibration, compressing the attack slightly whilst its natural open pores offer an incredible response. Mahogany's nature allows it to respond greatly to numerous techniques and playing styles with equal ease, perfect for the Vintage's 12-string construction. Furthermore, the neck is topped with a lignum rosa fingerboard that adds warmth and clarity to the overall tone whilst providing a smooth, energetic playing experience.

Bone Nut & Saddle
The Vintage Paul Brett Statesboro features a real bone nut and saddle, which offers excellent resonance and sustain, along with an authentic appearance. A bone nut also delivers a very balanced tone, and will last a long time. In addition, this type of nut naturally self lubricates and helps you stay in tune for longer. Furthermore, its real bone nut and saddle also provides excellent intonation and tone with plenty of volume.

Authentic Appearance
The Vintage Paul Brett 12-String is designed with the era of old school blues in mind, offering an authentic appearance that is certain to look divine wherever you play. With an eye-catching satin antique burst finish, unique rosette, white binding, authentically-styled tail piece, and chrome hardware with vintage-inspired cream tuning buttons; the Vintage Statesboro 12-String offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance that screams pre-war era styling. With all this, the Vintage Paul Brett Electro Acoustic is perfect for the blues enthusiast, Blind Willie McTell fans, and the player with a vintage vibe.

Vintage & Paul Brett Design
This stunning electro acoustic 12 string is designed to be a fitting tribute to the pioneering blues era of the 1930s, particularly and heavily inspired by the legendary Blind Willie McTell. Blind Willie McTell was a blues singer and guitarist that was renowned for his fluid and syncopated fingerpicking style. Paul states that they used designs of the legendary Stella guitars crafted by Oscar Schmidt in the early 20th Century. Vintage and Paul Brett then created the Statesboro 12-string, a modern twist on a classic design, made to meet the specs of the iconic model that Blind Willie McTell played.

About Paul Brett
Designed by one of the world's foremost authorities on acoustic guitar, Vintage Paul Brett Signature Models provide tone and playability far beyond their modest price tags. Paul Brett is an English classic rock guitarist that has performed alongside many different artists including The Strawbs, the Overlanders, Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera, Fire, The Who and Lonnie Donegan to name a few. Paul is a world renowned 12-string guitar expert and his years in the music industry have led to the collaboration between himself and JHS Vintage Guitars to provide you with quality instruments that maintain superb playability and tone.

Designed to be a faithful tribute to the pioneering blues era of the 1930s
Combinations of tonewoods and 12-string construction offers plenty of resonance and ringing sustain
Solid spruce top paired with maple back and mahogany sides produces stunning sonic-character
Palour body is perfectly-suited to old school blues, roots music, and slide techniques
Ideal for live and rehearsal settings due to built-in Fishman electronics
Amplified tone is a pure and accurate representation of the acoustic's natural sonic-characteristics
Fishman Rare Earth Humbucker projects smooth trebles
Bone nut and saddle provides excellent intonation and tone
Visually striking satin antique burst finish for a beautifully authentic appearance
Authentic tailpiece, chrome hardware, cream buttons, and maple veneer headstock for added aesthetic appeal
Lignum rosa bridge for added clarity
Body & Bridge
Top Material: Solid Spruce
Sides Material: Mahogany
Back Material: Maple
Bridge: Lignum Rosa
Binding: White
Finish: Satin
Colour: Antique Burst
Neck & Fingerboard
Neck Material: Mahogany
Headstock Material: Maple Veneer
Fingerboard Material: Lignum Rosa
Fingerboard Inlay: Dot
Number of Frets: 18
Nut Material: Bone
Nut Width: 50 mm
Scale Length: 675 mm
Hardware & Electronics
Hardware Colour: Chrome
Tuning Machines: Vintage-Inspired Cream Buttons
Pickup: Fishman REP-102 Rare Earth Humbucker Soundhole Pickup
Case: Kinsman Hardshell Case Included

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