HK Audio Polar 10 Column Pa System, 2000W system power, Bluetooth

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HK Audio Polar 10 Column PA System
2000W system power

We’re delighted to be able to introduce POLAR 10: an affordable new columnar PA for musicians, entertainers, DJs, presentations, schools and audiovisual applications!

POLAR 10 boasts features that until today were found only on far pricier systems, such as a four-channel mixer with five programmable user presets, Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming, and remarkably assertive bass response.

POLAR 10 consists of a subwoofer and two columnar elements. The elegant contours of the subwoofer’s birch ply housing are not just cosmetic; the enclosure is acoustically shaped and sized to deliver excellent audio results in combination with a specially developed 10” woofer sporting an extra-long voice coil. Driven by a muscular 2,000-watt power amplifier, this combination delivers rich, low-ranging bass response that packs an impressive punch even at high volumes.

The midrange/HF column comes in two sections for easy transport. The top section is loaded with six high-performance 3” midrange drivers and a low-distortion, 1” constant directivity horn. The system delivers well-balanced, exceedingly natural sound, rendering everything from low-mid frequencies all the way up to 20 kHz with remarkable authority. Tuned to project an expansive 120° throw pattern and engineered to impede feedback, it gives users freedom choice when it comes to positioning the PA in venues. Placed behind the speaker or performer, it can also serve as a stage monitor to take the place of wedges in many scenarios.

The newly developed E.A.S. connect system links the three components. Simple, safe and sturdy, this smart set of couplers requires no cables. Setting POLAR 10 on a raised stage is not a problem; it can still be aimed at the correct height by simply leaving the column’s bottom section – which is a spacer – out of the stack.

The four-channel mixer offers two mic/line channels, one instrument channel for an acoustic guitar or similar, and one aux channel for music players. POLAR 10 can also render audio streams wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0, which has four times the range of Bluetooth 4.0. The mixer’s settings may be stored in five presets, to be accessed later as the situation requires.

POLAR 10’s stylish visuals are no coincidence. Its designers shaped the column’s elegant looks for it to fit right in at even the most upmarket gala event. The system also comes complete with a padded gig bag for the columnar elements and a padded cover to protect the subwoofer in transit.

Rüdiger Forse, HK Audio’s Senior Product Manager, said: “For more than 20 years, HK Audio has been top of the class for powered, impressively big sounding plug ’n’ play PA concepts. Now we’ve transferred this knowhow into the class of slender columnar systems! POLAR 10 is outstanding in its product class and is sure to captivate audiences and users alike with its amazingly full sound, comprehensive feature list and easy handling – and all at a remarkably sweet price. We can’t wait for the world to hear it!”


Perfectly balanced sound

Reach high volumes with 2000W system power

Deep bass tones from a 10" long-excursion subwoofer

Easily accessible four channel mixer

Plug in directly with your microphone, acoustic guitar, or keyboard

Stream music from your playback device with Bluetooth 5.0

Consistent audio image across the whole frequency range thanks to an integrated 24-bit DSP

Plug in and play – 5 user presets get you the right sound for every situation

Great headroom and dynamic response

Suitable for raised stages via detachable column speaker

Wide coverage angle of 120°

Resistant to feedback – place directly behind the performer without the need for additional monitoring

Cableless E.A.S connection design

Study and stable, even when placed on uneven ground

Quick and easy setup without the need for technical expertise

Comes equipped with protective carry bag and padded cover


POLAR 10 System

Max. SPL peak calculated: 126 dB half space

Frequency response +/- 10 dB: 38 – 20 kHz

Power amp output: 2.000 W

Bluetooth: 5.0

Housing: Birch multiplex / ABS

Mixer: 2 × Mic/Line, 1 × Instrument, 1 × Aux/Bluetooth

Overall height: 213 cm

Weight: 26.9 kg / 59.3 Ibs

POLAR 10 Subwoofer

Bass woofer: 1 × 10", 2" voice coil

Dimensions (W×H×D): 36.6 × 62.5 × 54.1 cm

Weight: 21 kg / 46.2 Ibs

POLAR 10 Mid/High Unit

Mid speaker: 6 × 3", ¾" voice coil, neodymium

HF driver: 1 × 1", 1" voice coil

Horn directivity: 120° × 30°

Dimensions (W×H×D): 10.8 × 82.5 × 9.8 cm

Weight: 3.9 kg / 8.6 Ibs

POLAR 10 Spacer

Dimensions (W×H×D): 10.8 × 82.5 × 9.8 cm

Weight: 2 kg / 4.4 Ibs

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