Av Link Wireless Bluetooth Rechargeable Headphones with Built-in FM Radio, Red

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Av Link Red Wireless Bluetooth Rechargeable Headphones with Built-in FM Radio, SD Card Slot & Microphone

These incredible rechargeable wireless headphones are great for listening to your music while on the move.

 Pair via Bluetooth with your smart device and control your media with the MP3 function control keys on the edge of the earcup. 

Alternatively play MP3 or WAV media files from a micro SD card using the slot in the side of the earcup. 

In-built is an FM radio and a microphone allowing hands free calls. 

These headphones offer a fantastic listening experience with dynamic bass technology. 

The noise cancelling feature blocks out background noise making them perfect for use on public transport.

 Lightweight and comfortable, you can relax into your music, and when you are done, fold them away and store in the carry case.

Controls & Functions

1. Phone connect/disconnect

When in Bluetooth mode; press this button to answer an

incoming call or hang up when you have finished.


long-press this button while content is playing and it will

automatically call your last logged number. 

If you receive a call

while content is playing, the unit will pause your current track

and allow you to answer or reject the call.

 On completion of the

call it will continue playing your current track.


Long-press to alternate between Bluetooth FM or MP3 mode.

Please note MP3 mode will only function when a micro SD card is

inserted. While any content is playing short-press to use the

equalizer function and alternate between

natural/pop/rock/jazz/classical/bass-boost modes.

3. Previous track/volume down

While in Bluetooth or MP3 mode short-press to go back a track

and long-press to decrease the volume.

4. Next track/volume up

While in Bluetooth or MP3 mode short-press to move to the next track and long-press to increase the


5. Power/play/pause/pair

Press and hold this button for 2-3 seconds until an audible alert for on/off is heard. By default the PBH10

will go into Bluetooth pairing mode and the LED indicator will flash blue and green when you first switch

on. Once Bluetooth connection has been made a constant blue light will be displayed. If you need to pair

again press and hold the button again for 2-3 seconds. While in Bluetooth or MP3 mode short-press to

play and pause the current track. While in FM radio mode short-press to perform a channel scan before

selecting your desired channel.

6. Micro USB port

Insert the USB cable provided to charge the unit. On first use please ensure you fully charge the

headphones. Whilst charging the LED will glow red and once it’s fully charged it will go out. On low power

the LED will flash red, please recharge the unit at this point.

7. 3.5mm jack port

Also provided with the unit is a 3.5mm jack cable which can be used with the headphones by connecting

to any device with a 3.5mm socket.

8. Micro SD card slot

Insert a micro SD card for use in MP3 mode, the maximum capacity is 32MB.

- Wireless Bluetooth connectivity

- Noise cancelling, perfect for cutting out low noises from planes or trains

- Dynamic bass technology

- Internal rechargeable battery with up to 8 hours playback

- SD card slot (max capacity 32GB)

- Built-in microphone for hands free calls

- Folds away for compact storage

- Power supply: Internal rechargable Lithium Ion battery

- Battery life (Bluetooth playback): Up to 4 hours

- Battery life (SD card playback): Up to 8 hours

- Speaker size: 40mm dome

- Frequency response: 12Hz - 22kHz

- Sensitivity: 108dB/mW

- Impedance: 32 Ohms at 1kHz

- Connections: Bluetooth, 3.5mm stereo jack, micro USB for charging

- Bluetooth version: 3.0

- Bluetooth range: Up to 10m (clear line of sight)

- Dimensions: 190 x 150 x 70mm

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