Martin Strings, Luxe MK11 Kovar SP Core Nickel Cobalt Light 11-52

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Martin Acoustic Strings

 Luxe MK11

Kovar Coated 

SP Core Nickel Cobalt 

Light 11-52

Instrument 6-String Acoustic Guitar
Gauge Range 11 - 52
Gauges 11 , 15 , 23w , 32w , 42w , 52w (wound 3rd)
            Wrap Material                Kovar
Construction Round Wound
Hex Core / Round Core Steel Core
Ball End / Loop End Ball End
Coated / Non-Coated

Reasons You’ll Love These Strings

ULTRA COMFORTABLE TO PLAY | Kovar strings are easier to fret due to their lower tension, which allows you to play longer and faster and with more precision.

Luxe By Martin® Kovar Strings Deliver Superior Performance® Core With The Unique Benefits Of Kovar Wrap Wire, A Nickel-Cobalt Alloy. Featuring Natural Corrosion Resistance, Clear And Balanced Tone, And Voicing For Enhanced Attack And Response. Our Impeccable Standards For Instrument Tone Are Embedded In Our String Design And Precision Manufacturing Process. That’s Why We Make Our Own.

THEY LAST | Kovar strings are naturally corrosion resistant due to the composition of the metal which doesn’t react to the oils in your skin like other string materials. You can play them longer and still sound amazing without any coatings or treatments.

UNIQUE TONE | Kovar strings offer a unique tone that is brighter than Monel and warmer than Phosphor Bronze. If you’re looking for a unique tone that will set your music apart from the crowd, give Kovar a try.

SUPER RESPONSIVE & FREQUENCY-BALANCED | Kovar accentuates the natural tone of any instrument, and pairs exceptionally well with guitars featuring magnetic pickups.

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