Mooer GE100 Multi Effects Processor. Looper & Drum Machine Built In

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Mooer GE100 Multi Effects Processor

The Mooer GE100 Multi Effects Processor is loaded with a huge array of dynamic effects for you to choose from and experiment with. The GE100 has 8 different effect modules on-board and a grand total of 66 effect types between them; providing an incredibly versatile performance. The modules include FX, Distortion, Amp Simulation, Noise Gate, Equalizer, Modulation, Delay and Reverb, which can all be easily accessed via the Mode Selector and the effect types within the modules can be chosen using the Value knob. For even further tonal shaping, the GE100 features an expression pedal that can control 6 different parameters including Wah, Octave, Gain, Modulation and Reverb. Finally, the Mooer GE100 features Tap Tempo and Rhythm Settings, which include 40 Drum and 10 Metronome for practicing and creating music without the need for a computer or programme.

FX Module

The GE100's FX Module is loaded with 10 different effect types, providing excellent versatility. The Compressor controls the signal's dynamics by lowering the high-level peaks and increasing the low-level peaks, whilst the Pure Boost effect creates Mooer's popular Pure Boost pedal and the E.L. Flanger delivers a swirling and spacey sound that is familiar of an aeroplane. The Tremolo effect delivers volume fluctuations that range from subtle to dramatic; Phaser offers a shimmering and twisting sound; the Pedal Wah is controlled by the expression pedal and the Auto Monkey offers an automatic wah effect without the expression pedal control. The Touch Wah effect adjusts with the input intensity, the Slow Engine delivers a sound that is familiar of a violin and cuts off the attack, and finally the Drop Bit offers a range of sampling rate and depth reduction.

Distortion Module

The Distortion module is loaded with 23 drive sounds that are based on a famous and popular pedals; these include Mooer's own Flex Boost, Preamp OD, Tube Drive, Juicer Drive, Vintage OD, Super Drive, Blink Drive and Split Drive which offers a sweeter drive effect. There is also Modern OD, Classic OD, Distortion, Fab DS, Modern DS, PJ Fuzz, Face Fuzz, Bend Fuzz, Hog Fuzz and Modern Fuzz which delivers a fierce and powerful effect. Finally there is also Metal Land, Metal Club, Metal Man and two acoustic effects that simulate an acoustic guitar.

Amplifier Simulation, Noise Gate & EQ Modules

The Amp Module simulates amplifier cabinets so you don't need to carry around a big and heavy speaker; these include F.Clean, Jazz Clean, Bassman, British 30, British 800, USA Star and USA Black. The GE100's Noise Gate module reduces the signal when it exceeds the threshold setting, and the EQ module has 3 options which include 160Hz for controlling the lower band, 800Hz for the middle band and 3.2kHz for adjusting the higher band.

Modulation Module

The Modulation module features a variety of 11 different effects, including Chorus for adding a shining dimension to the sound, Flanger which delivers a spacey and swirling effect and T Flanger for adding even more depth to the effect. There is Phaser which delivers a wavering and pulsing effect, as well as Step Phaser for a more dramatic sweeping sound; whilst Tremolo and Vibrato offer fluctuations in pitch and volume. Finally, the GE100 also features Pitch, Filter, Ring Modulation and Stutter for enhancing your sound with a whole range of unique and quirky effects.

Delay Module

Within the Delay module, there are 6 different delay types to experiment with, including Digital for a clean and clear delay effect, Analog for a warm, vintage effect and Dynamic offers a low delay effect whilst playing yet it increases when playing is stopped. There is also a Tape Echo for recreating the distinctive, and characteristic sound of a Tape Echo Machine, whilst the Echo effect offers an authentic, smooth and natural delay sound, and finally the Reverse effect simulates a tape being played backwards.

Reverb Module

The Reverb Module is loaded with 7 different reverberation effects which can all be adjusted by the expression pedal to control the level of decay. There are Room, Hall and Church effects, which each simulate the acoustics of different sized spaces for an atmospheric ambience. The GE100 is also loaded with Plate effect for a shiny and metallic sound, Modulation enhances the effect with spacey chorus, whilst Spring offers a unique and characteristic vibration effect, and finally the Treverb adds tremolo to the reverberation.


Effect: FX, DS, AMP, NS, EQ, MOD, DLY, REV


No.Of Effect Modules: 8

No.Of Effect Types: 66

Preset Patch Memory: 80 Patches

User Patch Memory: 80 Patches

Input Jack: 1/4" Mono Audio Jack

Output Jack: 1/4" Stereo Audio Jack (Headphones)

Current Draw: 300mA

Power Requirements: AC Adapter 9V DC

Dimensions: 140mm (D) x 230mm (W) x 60mm (H)

Weight: 730g

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